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Dry Skin On Your Face? These Tricks Make Your Complexion Glow Again

It tugs, itches, and tightens: If the skin lacks oil or moisture, it reacts with wounds on all parts of the body. Dry skin is noticeable on the face. We’ll tell you which facial care products can make your skin glow again.

We all want it: a healthy, radiant complexion. But dry skin in particular often lacks the long-awaited glow; instead, small wrinkles from dryness quickly spread, and dandruff can disturb the face. To bring back shine and moisture, it is worth taking a look behind the scenes and finding out the cause of dry skin – and then retrofitted with the proper care.

Causes: How Does Dry Skin Develop?

The face feels rough, appears wrinkled and itchy. Dry skin can be a nuisance, especially when it is not just a temporary condition but a longer-term condition. After all, dry skin can also be genetic and a lifelong companion. If you have particularly severe problems, you should first contact a dermatologist to rule out factors such as inflammatory skin diseases (such as neurodermatitis or eczema). With “normal” dry skin, it is remarkably advisable to check your lifestyle. Do you often go out in the cold in winter without protecting your skin? Do you spend a lot of time in heated rooms? In addition, there is also the diet, which can significantly influence the dryness of the skin. Above all, drinking a lot is essential! By the way: Stress is also one of the causes of skin. For example, one is all the more critical to restful sleep and a mindful lifestyle.

Dry Skin Type: This Is How You Recognize It

First of all, the good news: People with dry skin rarely suffer from impurities and are also not familiar with large pores. On the other hand, the skin is often tight and has to contend with redness or flaking. When you run over the skin, it feels rather rough. Wrinkles appear more quickly on the face.

Not sure if you have dry skin? Take the test!

Caring For Dry Skin: Fill Up Moisture Tanks

To take care of your face in the best possible way, you should first take a close look at your beauty routine. Are you using products that are good for dry skin? There is now a wide range of products that refill the empty moisture tanks and balance the natural protective barrier for dry skin that is not due to illness. If this is not intact, the moisture can escape from the skin again and again. The memory function is disturbed. On the face, this is shown by dry spots on the nostrils, around the eyes, on the forehead, and the cheeks. The only “advantage” of dry skin: it is less prone to pimples, as the sebum glands mostly run on the back burner and produce less sebum. However, one must not forget that natural fat is an essential component of the outermost layer of the skin. Together with the dead skin cells and water stores, it protects the skin from external influences.

Cleansing Products For Dry Skin

Facial cleansing should be practical and yet gentle. Dry skin is often thinner than normal skin, and the damaged protective barrier makes it more prone to minor injuries and cracks. Important: Mix the cleansing product with a bit of water and then massage it gently into the skin with circular movements. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Water that is too hot would also dry out the skin.

Extra tip: To dry the skin after cleansing, it is best to dab it gently with a towel. Rubbing would be too much of a strain.

Daycare For Dry Skin

During the day, dry facial skin is best protected with a rich day cream or facial oil, which is carefully massaged into the skin in the morning and protects the whole day. Dry skin is often associated with a pale complexion – which is why refreshing gel textures are also suitable for daily skincare and at the same time relieve itching. Unfortunately, dry skin tends to wrinkle prematurely – the dryness causes the skin to contract, and fine lines appear. That is why some skincare products for dry skin often contain active ingredients mainly known from anti-aging cosmetics, such as hyaluronic acid.

Extra tip: When it’s bitterly cold in winter, dry skin is particularly stressed. That is why the even more decadent night cream can be used as a daycare product in winter. Or you can rely on special cold creams that ensure that wind and weather do not penetrate the skin barrier.


Night Care For Dry Skin

Proper care overnight can also work wonders! The following applies: the richer, the better. Do not just try a night cream, but use a night mask now and then, which has an even more intense effect and supports the regeneration of the skin. Urea is a trendy and practical active ingredient in the care of dry skin. Urea is a natural component of the skin and ensures that the skin can bind and store moisture. Many products for dry skin contain synthetically produced urea in varying concentrations, which can help the skin regulate its moisture content. The situation is similar with ceramides, which act as fat building blocks in the horny layer of the skin and strengthen the natural protective barrier. For example, they can be made from rice or soybean oil and added to cosmetic products.

Extra tip: If you have dehydrated and flaky skin, which affects your hands and body, your dermatologist should check the causes. He can check all factors and also prescribe appropriate unique products if it is a skin disease.

Special Care For Dry Skin

To additionally care for dry skin, moisturizing masks and serums containing active ingredients in very high concentrations can be used regularly. Intensive treatment is perfect in winter when the skin becomes even drier and very tight. Unique products such as nourishing masks can also relieve itching and provide long-lasting moisture.

Extra tip: quickly peel away all dry areas? Not a good idea! Dry skin, in particular, should be peeled off very gently, preferably in the form of an enzyme peeling, which dissolves dead skin using enzymes.

Home Remedies And Other Tips For Dry Skin

  • Are you one of those people who never drink! You should change that! Drink at least two liters of water a day to keep your skin hydrated from within. This is at least as necessary as a clever grooming routine.
  • Dry skin can also be made supple again with oils. Those based on argan, almond, or coconut oil are particularly suitable. You usually even have them in the kitchen cupboard! If not: olive oil is also right!
  • Another product from the kitchen can also quench your skin’s thirst, namely honey. It is rich in nutrients, has an antibacterial and inflammatory effect. In particular, this relieves the itchiness that dry skin often causes! 


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