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Green Tea – Effects On Skin And Hair

Green tea is one of the most popular types of tea and is valued for its large number of healthy ingredients and positive effects on health, and its impact on skin and hair. That’s why green tea has long been more than a drink.

The tea leaves of Camellia Sinensis, or some of their ingredients, are also used for creams, cleaning agents, body lotion, bath salts, and shampoos. Green tea has become a natural component of cosmetics, and its effect as a free radical scavenger has been repeatedly confirmed.

The spectrum ranges from the stimulating and activating effect of the contained tea to antioxidants, which are the subject of a growing number of scientific studies about the beneficial impact and the beauty effect of green tea.

Because the topics of skin and beauty are also in the foreground for lovers of green tea, it is not uncommon for people to speak of a firming and rejuvenating effect so that green tea has long since become an integral part of natural anti-aging. We’ll show you the beautiful result of green tea and how it works on skin and hair.

What Does Green Tea Do For The Skin?

As with many natural remedies and herbs, a guaranteed effect is controversial. So, green tea is not guaranteed to promote health or beauty. However, there are countless reports and studies on the beneficial effects of tart tea on the skin. Mainly by binding free radicals, which prevents cell damage and thus premature aging of the skin.

Green tea is particularly popular with increasing age, as it uses its antioxidant properties to counteract free radicals in the body. As such a radical scavenger, tea is said to have a beneficial effect, as the skin cells regenerate more efficiently and appear fresher.

Not only do the skin cells of the human body renew themselves at regular intervals. Each time a copy of the cell to be replaced is created, this copy’s accuracy deteriorates over the years and decades of life. This ensures the slow aging process of the skin, which is why wrinkles and wrinkles cannot be avoided in the course of life. Free radicals act here as pests that negatively influence the regeneration process.

With the well-researched radical catcher green tea, the effect of free radicals is reduced, so the best basis for beautiful and firm skin is created.

The chlorophyll contained in green tea also refreshes the skin, while the contained caffeine dehydrates and tightens the skin.

Since the tea also has a high tannin content, the caffeine is not released all at once. Instead, this process takes several hours. The special care effect lasts for a more extended period. The classic green tea in a bag, which can be placed on the face to reduce the swelling of dark circles under the eyes, is also popular.


Acne And Eczema – Does Green Tea Actively Help?

Green tea is not only recommended for the general condition of the skin. Many connoisseurs also use this type of tea to treat existing skin diseases actively. The main ones to be mentioned are acne in adolescence and eczema and genital warts, which can occur throughout the life of an adult.

A study carried out in 2009 showed the effectiveness of a lotion based on two percent green tea for mild and moderate acne. At 20, the number of subjects was relatively small, and the study was not very meaningful. But also in the following years, studies and experience reports indicated the positive effects of green tea on acne.

Similarly, there are small studies of the soothing effects on genital warts and green tea and UV protection on the skin. As a rule, the ingredient epigallocatechin-3-gallate moves into the focus of scientists and doctors. It is essential that the studies did not focus on consumption as an infusion drink.

Instead, green tea works on the skin when applied as a cream or lotion. Of course, a complimentary enjoyment as tea can have an additional positive effect, for example, through the help mentioned above with free radicals and other metabolic loads.

Are There Other Types Of Tea For Skin And Beauty?

In addition to green tea, white tea, with its slightly oxidized tea leaves, is also a popular choice for skin beauty. This applies to all teas that are said to have an antioxidant effect against free radicals.

For example, for fruit and herbal teas with a range of vitamins and nutrients. It should be noted that these are only considered tea-like products, as they are not extracted from the leaves of the tea plant and infused.

Whichever tea you choose, the effect of water should not be underestimated. A sufficient supply of fluids is essential for the cell renewal of the skin and the entire organism. In addition to green tea, drink enough water and other types of tea throughout the day. In this way, you can make various renewal processes easier for your body with enough fluids.

Green Tea And Anti-Aging – A Popular Combination

The market for anti-aging products is significant, and all manufacturers swear by the effectiveness of their products. The fact is that natural skin aging cannot be stopped. However, it is possible to delay various processes when properly caring for the skin. In more and more lotions and creams, you will find green tea extracts that primarily want to attract female customers with the effects mentioned above.

As intensively as the effect of green tea on the skin is being researched, the marketing effect of many of these preparations is primarily essential. Many companies hope to sell more of their products if they have green tea as an ingredient. Unfortunately, the proportion of the total product is often so small that green tea cannot have a noticeable effect.

It is better to provide yourself with pure green tea and experience the positive effects naturally and directly. In this form, green tea and anti-aging are an inseparable pair that can also help you with the threat of skin aging.

Pay Attention To The Quality Of Green Tea For The Desired Beauty Effect

Similar to cosmetic or medical products, you should pay attention to the quality and composition when buying green tea. For the best possible effect of the tea, it is recommended to buy only pure organic quality and thus enjoy unpolluted and pure tea.

With the proper preparation and a short brewing time of two minutes, you can get the most valuable ingredients out of the powder and enjoy the maximum effect of the green tea.

Finally, take note of the following tip: Stress is another important factor in skin aging. Therefore, treat yourself to a break from everyday life with a good cup of tea and do something for your beauty regardless of the type of tea you choose.


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