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Argan Oil For Hair: Benefits, Uses 

Argan oil is a natural treatment, perfect for reviving and nourishing the hair. Use it constantly to achieve desirable results. Discover all its benefits and which are the best products to be included in your beauty!

How to use it? It is essential to familiarize yourself with its properties to apply it correctly. By doing so, you will be able to make the most of the benefits of this ingredient to restore the shine and health of your hair. Keep reading the post to learn about the best Argan oil products!

Argan Oil And Moroccan Oil: Are There Differences?

Indeed yes, there are some details you should know to distinguish and differentiate these two types of oils correctly.

Argan Oil is a pure ingredient extracted from the nuts and kernels of the Argan tree, which grows in Morocco. It is mainly composed of essential fatty acids, carotene, and vitamin E, three phenomenal principles for hair care.

It also contains elastomers, which guarantee complete absorption of the product. You can therefore forget the typical feeling of “greasy hair” when you apply it (often perceived with other oils of vegetable origin).

Numerous shampoos and conditioners are enriched with Argan oil, which is excellent for repairing damaged hair and increasing elasticity. You may not know that this ingredient is also good for the skin, as it regulates sebum production and prevents wrinkles and skin aging.

Pure Argan oil can also be used orally as a supplement and cooking oil, especially in ethnic dishes.

Moroccan oil, also known as “liquid gold,” is nothing but Argan oil with the addition of additives. This makes it more watery, which is why it is easier to use for hair styling. It makes the hair softer and more manageable; attention! Most Moroccan oils contain silicones inserted to tame frizz and reduce static electricity.

Argan Oil For Hair: Benefits

It helps prevent numerous hair problems, promotes healthy growth, revives the hair, and doesn’t cost much, unlike other professional treatments. How to use Argan oil? Here are some valuable tips!

  1. Stimulates Hair Growth. It naturally prevents the bulb from falling, thanks to the presence of vitamin E, an excellent reinforcer for hair follicles. Use Argan oil shampoos or masks to achieve the desired length more quickly.
  2. Protects Dry Scalp. It has excellent antioxidant properties, beneficial for the skin. It prevents and improves psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. It repairs damage caused by external agents (such as the heat of the plate) and forms a barrier that protects the health of the scalp and hair.
  3. Eliminates Dandruff. Pure Argan oil is a good solution for treating dandruff that induces oxidative stress. A regular scalp massage moisturizes the skin and eliminates dandruff caused by fungi (similar to yeast).
  4. Moisturize The Hair. It contains fatty acids that effectively moisturize the scalp and protect the hair. The oil lubricates the cuticle and prevents dryness, giving shine to the hair.
  5. Improve Elasticity. Does your hair appear dull and lifeless? Use Argan oil, rich in natural antioxidants and essential fatty acids, to increase elasticity and improve the overall appearance of the hair.
  6. Protects The Hair From The Dye. Coloring and styling treatments always affect the condition of the hair. It is essential to use products that strengthen the hair, just like a good Argan oil hair mask, perfect for eliminating split ends once and for all.
  7. Protects From The Sun. Argan oil shields skin and hair from damage caused by free radicals, protecting you from the sun’s UV rays.

How To Use Argan Oil For Hair?

Apply a few drops of the oil to your scalp and hair strands. With regular use of the product, you will soon notice healthier and shinier hair. Here are some beneficial ideas!

  • Make a DIY hair mask and apply it from roots to ends
  • Use Argan oil as an intensive scalp treatment
  • Massage the product carefully after shampooing
  • Apply the oil as a leave-in conditioner (to leave on) on wet hair
  • Use it as a natural styling product to smooth frizzy hair

Is it possible to mix Argan oil with other oils? The answer is yes. Create custom combinations based on your needs. By adding coconut oil, for example, you increase the shine. Castor oil stimulates hair growth. Finally, adding a few drops of peppermint oil gives the hair mask an exceptional scent.


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