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10 Best Vitamins For Hair Loss

There is a natural hair loss cycle when the hair is born, grows, stabilizes, falls, and renews itself. However, the excessive loss can indicate that the wires need nutrients to gain strength.

Vitamins for hair loss are essential since they offer a combination of elements that, combined with a good diet, can keep the hair loss process within an acceptable limit, which revolves around 60 to 100 hairs per day.

This post aims to present the main causes of hair loss and talk about the importance of vitamins to prevent excess hair loss. Please keep reading and see 10 essential vitamins to strengthen your hair and how to insert their consumption into your routine!

Main Causes Of Hair Loss

Natural hair loss is even beneficial, as it allows the birth of new, stronger, and more vibrant strands. However, it is worrying in volume above the predicted daily average, noting the possible causes.

We have listed some of the most common reasons for excessive hair loss. Check out!

Poor Nutrition

A healthy diet must be rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to strengthen the body and hair and nails automatically. It is essential to consume foods with a high concentration of proteins, zinc, iron, vitamins A and C to prevent hair loss.


Hair loss, especially in men, can be associated with a genetic factor due to a family history of baldness.

Stress And Anxiety

At high levels, these two emotional conditions can lead to an imbalance in cortisol, a hormone associated with stress. Thus, it is likely that the person is affected by telogen effluvium, a situation of hair loss directly on the scalp in a much higher amount than normal.


Some medications, such as antidepressants, anticoagulants, or high blood pressure, can cause side effects and contribute to hair loss. In that case, the physician should be consulted to introduce appropriate supplementation.

Menopause Or Andropause

Menopause in women or men potentiates hormonal changes, causing excessive hair loss.


Thyroid malfunction can lead to hypothyroidism, which causes the deficient production of hormones important in metabolic functions and hair growth.

Post Childbirth

Shortly after childbirth, levels of hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, HCG, oxytocin, and prolactin drop, making hair weaker and brittle, causing hair loss.


Fungi can reach the nails and the scalp, which produces peeling, thus destabilizing the structure of the wires. They are more common when the immune system is unprotected, so vitamin supplementation is so important.


The absence of iron in the body triggers anemia, with a deficiency in the production of hemoglobin. Protein carries oxygen to red blood cells for all tissues, including the scalp, and when it doesn’t, the strands are affected.

Use Of Chemicals

Some products such as straighteners, formaldehyde, and dyes can be responsible for hair thinning. These are items that usually reach the root and cuticle of the wires, causing them to fall out more often.


Alopecia aerate is triggered by genetic issues or autoimmune diseases such as vitiligo and lupus.

These events cause hair loss from the head and hair in almost all regions of the body – eyebrows, beard, legs, and arms.

Importance Of Vitamins For Hair Loss

The body depends on vitamins and nutrients to stay strong, resilient, and healthy, achieving a good diet. However, when hair loss becomes persistent, it can signify a need for supplementation.

Therefore, the best way to treat hair loss is to introduce essential vitamins into your routine, which help minimize hair loss and restore the hair’s necessary strength.

Some foods, such as eggs, fish, dark green leaves, carrots, berries, citrus fruits, beans, soy, milk, broccoli, oats, and nuts, are sources of vitamins and minerals, helping to grow strong and healthy. Of hair.

The use of vitamins for hair loss should only be started after guidance from specialists. Therefore, a visit to the doctor or a specialized pharmaceutical office is recommended to report the occurrences of excessive hair loss.


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