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Weight Loss Guide: 11 Eating Habits That Work

Contrary to what some may imagine, the weight loss guide does not have any fancy strategy, nor will it bring magical and instant results. The first step to getting rid of excess body fat permanently, safely and quickly is to abandon any aggressive strategy.

Betting on premade diets, which promise short-term results, is usually not very functional. You can even lose weight quickly, but the cost of this progress can be your health. What’s more, the body tends to get fat again after a while.

This happens due to the significant restrictions that this type of strategy usually requires. You spend a few months suffering without being able to eat a series of foods, and you even reach a particular result. But when the diet ends, binge eating comes, and all that effort is thrown away. Therefore, the healthy weight loss manual consists of simple and functional attitudes.

With the help of nutrition teachers, we put together the weight loss manual with 11 straightforward attitudes to include in everyday life and eliminate body fat with consistency and health. Check out:

  1. Bet on foods rich in carbohydrates, preferably with a lower glycemic index: brown rice, grain quinoa, yams and sweet potatoes;
  2. Don’t be afraid of good fats: avocado, olive oil and nuts in general;
  3. Choose good quality proteins, such as fish and lean meats;
  4. Reduce sausages and saturated fats: bacon, ham, salami, sausage and sausage;
  5. Increase water consumption;
  6. Eat at least three fruits a day;
  7. Include dark green vegetables daily;
  8. Drink teas made with medicinal plants;
  9. Ingest whole grains such as oats, bran and flour rich in fiber;
  10. Use natural seasonings;
  11. Reduce the consumption of fructose present in syrups, low-quality jellies and ready-made juices.

According to professionals, although this weight loss manual will work for most people, the best way to get rid of body fat with health and agility is through the guidance of a nutritionist. He will know how to evaluate your case and devise a personalized strategy to achieve your goals, respecting the conditions and individualities of your organism.

Mistakes One Should Avoid

However, most of them achieve these attitudes to gain belly and turn into a fake skinny. That’s why, with the help of trainer Leandro Twin, we’ve separated three classic mistakes that an ectomorph should avoid on their fitness journey. Check out:

1) Train A Little 

“The ectomorph is an individual who has an accelerated metabolism. However, he has a good capacity for recovery, as long as he eats for it. Many ectomorphs, when they increase the level of training, start to lose weight and, with that, reduce the exercises. However, he will not lose weight if he manages to eat enough calories to replace the expenses. If he can’t eat, we should take out a little extra activity but never cut back on weight training,” .

2) Do Not Perform Aerobic Exercises 

“Ectomorphs are very wrong in thinking they never need cardio. Aerobics will help improve sensitivity to insulin, which is an anabolic hormone. For hypertrophy to happen, you need insulin. But it also has a lipogenic capacity (lipo = fat/genetic = generation); that is, it is a hormone that makes you fat. If you need a lot of insulin to play the role of muscle hypertrophy, you gain a lot of fat. So, if there is poor insulin sensitivity, it tends to spoil your body in the process of weight gain.”

3) Believing That, As An Ectomorph, You Will Always Be Thin

“Don’t forget that your metabolism also has a limit. Although it is faster and better to assimilate large amounts of calories, there is a smart limit, which, if exceeded, will make you gain fat. And even if you don’t mind, later, when you’re in a moment of losing body fat, you’re going to have to spend more time on the weight loss diet (cutting) and, with that, you’ll lose a lot more muscle mass. So, don’t overdo the calories”,.


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