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Aloe Vera: What Happens To The Body With One Shot A Day

Aloe Vera is a plant with the most various virtues and uses. It can also be taken orally, but what benefits does our body get when we regularly take Aloe juice? Is it that good to drink Aloe Vera juice? Taking Aloe Vera juice extract is often recommended to deal with various ailments and strengthen the immune system when it is most needed, detoxify or improve digestive functions.

Daily Doses Of Aloe Vera Juice

The generally recommended dose of Aloe Vera to drink, as reported on the packaging, is 20 ml (one measuring cup) 2/3 times a day, which corresponds to about a small glass. On the other hand, increasing it too much, except in exceptional cases and under the advice of an expert, can cause many problems, first of all, a sense of nausea and acidity.

Given the high cost of aloe to drink already packaged, you can also try to extract the juice yourself using, for example, an extractor. But precisely what benefits does our body get when we regularly take the right amount of aloe juice?  Here then are the main benefits of Aloe Vera confirmed by important and in-depth research, which highlight the potential on our health:

It Improves Digestion And Strengthens The Immune System

The fresh Aloe Vera gel is rich in enzymes (beneficial for digestion) and has an antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral action; it contains different groups of chemical compounds such as glycoproteins, polysaccharides, anthraquinone derivatives, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and many others, which have a multi-directional therapeutic action (i.e. they are suitable for our body by acting on several fronts).

It is also a potent anti-inflammatory, helpful in calming various digestive disorders. Aloe contains high amounts of immuno-stimulating polysaccharides, particularly mannose, which can induce white blood cells to secrete interferon, inhibit the growth of some cancer cells, and prevent viral spread to others cells. “Mechanisms of therapeutic action of aloe”.

Improve Blood Circulation

Taking Aloe Vera internally can help improve blood circulation in the body. The use of Aloe Vera juice to drink to help decrease fat levels in patients with high cholesterol, helping to reduce the risk of blood clots forming in the arteries. The research also noted that patients with diabetes show the most significant improvements in their cholesterol levels. However, the exact mechanism of these benefits has not yet been determined.

It Purifies The Body And Slows Down Aging

Aloe Vera has also shown anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing activity: paradoxically, oxygen, essential to keep us alive, is also the most important source of free radical production. These are composed of oxygen (the same we breathe), which binds to other elements present in our body, giving life to particular molecules, which react with the different structures of the organism. The creation of free radicals occurs in the mitochondria, systems in which oxygen is used to produce bioavailable energy. 

Part of the excess goes to form harmful molecules, which may contain one or more atoms. Their natural reactivity causes them to bind to many fundamental biochemical and cellular “structures”, such as DNA and the mitochondria themselves, damaging them. If you want to detoxify your body, Aloe Vera is the best natural way to do it. It helps our body to purify itself from contact with a polluted environment, and the minerals, trace elements and vitamins present in the fresh Aloe Vera gel can also help us to cope with stress “.

Reduces Glucose Levels

When administered orally for eight weeks, processed Aloe Vera Gel (PAG) reduces blood glucose levels. Intraperitoneal glucose tolerance tests confirmed the antidiabetic effects of PAG: PAG lowered blood sugar by decreasing insulin resistance.

It Prevents Tumors And Helps Patients In Therapy

Exciting is the possibility of using aloe to fight tumors and the side effects of the best known anticancer treatments, for example, mitigating the skin reactions caused by radiotherapy. Aloe extracts can help stimulate the immune system to attack cancer cells.

A study published in International Immunopharmacology (1995)showed that aloe vera polysaccharides enhance the activity of macrophages and activate the production of nitric oxide, which has anticancer potential. Another aloe vera compound, 2-ethyl hexyl phthalate (DEHP), has been experimented with to block the development of leukemia cells in test tubes. 

It Heals The Skin And Aids In The Healing Of Burns And Wounds

Even at the topical level, therefore, the Aloe gel has a lot of potential for external use. The healing properties for the skin are linked to a compound called glucomannan, which stimulates fibroblasts’ growth potential, activity, and proliferation, thus improving the production and secretion of collagen. The aloe vera mucilage increases the amount of collagen at the wound site and the connections between cells by accelerating wound improvement and stimulating the production of new cells in the dermis area.


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