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For Pure Skin: 7 Tips And 6 Foods You Should Know

Do you want healthy, pure, and radiant skin? The secret lies in the proper care and these foods!

Now and then, it seems as if it is impossible to get beautiful, healthy, and pure skin. It’s not that difficult at all. With the right tips, regular care, and the consumption of certain foods, you will soon have permanently beautiful skin.

Can’t wait that long because the inflammation is already there? Then the SOS Anti-Pimple Serum from vitally provides quick help. Blemished skin is combined quickly and effectively thanks to salicylic acid and tea tree oil.

The Right Care Routine For Pure Skin

To get permanently clear skin, it is first and foremost essential to develop a regular care routine. Do not only care for your skin if you suffer from acute pimples or blackheads but also prevent the blemishes before they reach the surface.

For example, a mild, skin-friendly washing gel, such as Garnier’s facial cleanser, can be helpful for daily cleaning. The care product has an antibacterial and skin-clarifying effect and prevents clogged pores. 

Facial Toner

Take the time in the mornings and evenings for thorough care and use a facial toner after the wash gel. Sebum, fat, and dead skin are gently removed without drying out or stressing the skin.

Tip: Use the toner twice a day if possible. This means that deposits cannot form so quickly.


Dead skin cells and dirt deposits are often the cause of blemished skin. To prevent annoying pimples and blackheads, you shoulder stand THEREFORE, exfoliate once a week.

The peeling cleanses the skin, removes blackheads, and mattifies the skin for a more beautiful and refined complexion. It is also very gentle, so it is suitable for both sensitive and dry skin.

Face Mask

If you want to do something good for your face after peeling, you can use a moisturizing mask instead of the day cream. It instantly makes your skin look fresh and lively.

If you have the time, you can make the face mask yourself.

A Steam Bath For A Clear Complexion

Pimples and blackheads are due to clogged pores, so consider taking a steam bath now and then for clear skin. The heat opens the pores, allows excess sebum to drain away, and ensures the skin can breathe again. 

That’s how it’s done

Put hot, non-boiling water in a bowl and hold your face over the steamy bath. For an even better effect, place a towel over your head and relax over the warm steam for the next 10 to 15 minutes.

Avoid Pimples With Hygiene

One of the essential rules for pure skin is: stay away from your face! Numerous bacteria accumulate on our hands during the day, and we don’t want them on our faces.

Before removing your makeup, wash your hands thoroughly and use an extra towel for your face that you change at least once a week.

Tip: In the fight against blemished skin, it is also worthwhile to change the pillowcase regularly and to rid the cell phone of bacteria and dirt with a glasses cleaning cloth.

Incidentally, the rule also applies to removing blackheads or pimples. Never with your fingers! 

Clean Beauty Tools Promote Pure Skin

Whether foundation brush, powder brush, or concealer sponge: Beauty tools are our daily helpers. Unfortunately, cleaning makeup brushes is not always our favorite pastime. Regular washing is an absolute must for pure skin.

Clean Skin: Dispose Of Expired Makeup

Like food, cosmetic products also have an expiration date. They can be kept for a certain period and should not be used afterward. The expired makeup products and face creams can quickly cause rashes and pimples. Therefore, you should regularly check the expiry date of makeup, lipstick, mascara, and the like.

Tip: To protect cosmetic products from external influences such as light and heat, we recommend storing them in a cosmetic bag. In it, you not only have enough space for your beauty products, but most makeup bags also look stylish, like the white-gray marbled bag by Lily England.


Miracle Cure For Pure Skin: Tea Tree Oil

Are you looking for a natural anti-pimple remedy? Then choose tea tree oil. It is a quick helper in the event of an acute pimple alarm. The crude mixture dries out the skin impurities and counteracts inflammation. However, it has a very intense smell that takes getting used to.

That’s how it’s done.

It is best to apply a drop of oil to the defective area with a cotton swab before going to bed and leave it on overnight. In the morning, you can take care of your face and apply makeup as usual.

Proper Nutrition For Pure Skin

If you’ve tried almost everything, even professional facials, without success, keep an eye on your diet. Because: The things you eat are the key to clear skin. For our skin to look the way we want it to, it needs one thing above all else: valuable nutrients. 

These foods are the secret to pure skin:

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Foods with omega-3 fatty acids are suitable for the body, aid in dieting, and are essential for the complexion. Omega-3 fatty acids help immensely to counteract skin inflammation such as acne. For example, the fatty acids are contained in linseed oil, salmon, chia seeds, soybeans, or spinach.


They help the skin to regenerate and detoxify it. In addition, antioxidants prevent the production of inflamed skin cells and toxins. Goji berries, blueberries, dark chocolate, pecans, and artichokes are particularly rich in antioxidants.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A ensures healthy skin cell production and extensive protection against infections. By consuming vitamin A foods, you strengthen your skin barrier and protect it from irritants that favor blemished skin. It can also be used to combat oily skin. You can get vitamin A from sweet potatoes, carrots, green leafy vegetables, apricots, and pumpkins, for example.

Vitamin C

The vitamin helps against redness and skin cell damage. It promotes the production of collagen and strengthens the connective tissue. A new, healthy layer of skin can be formed by absorbing vitamin C, and acne scars, for example, can be combined. You will find an exceptionally high amount of vitamin C in oranges, peppers, cabbage, rosebuds, and broccoli.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is also considered to be a skin regenerator. It helps, for example, to fade scars and hide dark spots on the skin. It also supports the entire tissue. Vitamin E is found in almonds, avocado, broccoli, and olives.


The worst thing for your skin is if you don’t drink enough. It becomes dry, no more extended functions optimally, and the cells can no longer be adequately supplied. Water alone will not fight acne disease, but it does help rid the skin of toxic substances. Therefore, drink at least two liters of water a day!

Refrain From Sugar And Alcohol

It is ultimately necessary to do without to achieve pure, healthy, and beautiful skin with a great complexion. Sugar and alcohol are opposed to beautiful skin. 

Sugar promotes inflammation and can make acne worse, for example. On the other hand, alcohol is harmful because it removes water from the body. Dehydration can result, which means that the toxic substances can no longer be excreted.


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