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The Nine Best Tips Against Blemished Skin On Your Back

How do pimples develop on the back, and what helps against back acne? This is how you get rid of blemishes on your back. I’m sure many people know that: You’ve sweated countless hours for the longed-for figure, and now you don’t want to show it – because of nasty red pimples on your back and shoulders. You can find out here why blemished skin on the body often affects athletes and what you can do against back pimples.

Why Do You Get Pimples On Your Back?

Like in the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), there are many sebum glands on the back. This means that the skin naturally produces more protective fat here. It is the same with every human being. But more so with some than with others. As is so often the case, the genes are to blame. “Our predisposition determines how much oil our skin produces,” 

The problem with it is that sebum is found food for bacteria, triggering inflammation and thus pimples. Having oily skin on your back doesn’t mean that it inevitably creates blemishes. They usually only come when the following triggers for pimples on the back come into play.

Nine Causes And Solutions For Pimples On Back

  1. Pimples On The Back From Sweating:  That exercise is supposed to be bad for the skin sounds strange at first. But if you do sports often, you usually sweat a lot and often. Just like skin fat, sweat, unfortunately, provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. This is why pimples on the back are widespread in athletes. 

The solution:  shower immediately after training and not when you come home to kill the bacteria. Do you also have blemished skin on your face? 

2. Incorrect Hygiene When Exercising: Be careful in the gym! Wherever many people come into contact with the same equipment, there are also many bacteria lurking that are only too happy to make themselves comfortable on your back when they contact the skin. 

The Solution:  always put a towel underneath but never use it to dry off after showering. Because otherwise, there is a risk of pimples, you probably guessed it.

3. Too Much Cleaning Weakens The Skin Barrier:  Even too frequent and hot showers can damage the skin rather than good because it weakens the skin’s natural protective layer. 

The solution:  shower with lukewarm water and mild shower gel. Even better: use salicylic acid facial cleansing for your back. The acid regulates the production of sebum and accelerates the skin’s renewal process. You can find it here, for example: Foaming cleansing gel with salicylic acid.

4. Incorrect Care Causes Skin Blemishes:  If the body lotion is too greasy, it can clog the pores and cause pimples on the back.

The Solution:  If you suspect that your body cream could be the cause of pimples on your back, giving it up is worth a try. If that works, you can switch to an extra-light body lotion in the future. Look out for the addition “non-comedogenic”, which means that the care product does not clog the pores. 

5. Unclean Back Due To Hair Removal:  “When we remove back hair with wax, it is plucked from the follicle. An opening is created that is gradually closed with new skin cells. If the torn hair grows back, it may no longer find an opening. The result: an ingrown hair, “explains New York skin expert Dr Hooman Khorasani. “If sebum then accumulates around the trapped hair, this leads to what is known as folliculitis. This inflammation of the hair root canals is the main cause of pimples on the back.  

The Solution:  Either shave the hair instead of growing it or the skin on the back regularly, i.e. at least once exfoliate every week to counteract ingrown back hair, which is very easy to do with a back brush .

6. Hormones As A Cause Of Back Pimples: Blemishes on the back are prevalent during puberty. The reason for this is the change in the hormonal balance. The organism now produces more testosterone. “This simultaneously increases sebum production and the growth of horny cells, which means that the sebum glands become clogged more quickly,” A blackhead develops, and it often turns into a pimple.

The Solution: The doctor can prescribe special medication if the hormones are to blame for the blemishes even after puberty.

7. Medication Can Trigger Back Pimples: Dr Khorasani warns that any drugs that stimulate the production of sex hormones are suspected of promoting acne breakouts and folliculitis. The solution:  Talk to your doctor about an alternative medication.

8. Back acne from the poor diet:  Dermatologists disagree on this point. According to Dr Khorasani, sugar and processed foods are the surefire way to get rid of pimples – even on the back. 

The solution:  Emphasize a balanced diet with fresh, low-sugar foods.

9. Pimples On The Back Due To Stress:  “When we are stressed, the adrenal gland produces twice as much cortisol. The stress hormone can simultaneously stimulate sebum production and weaken the immune system. A terrible combination that increases the risk of infections and breakouts,” 

The solution:  The skin expert recommends planning time to compensate – for example, through meditation.

What Can I Do If Back Pimples Won’t Go Away?

Suppose, despite our tips, the skin blemishes do not go away or even worsen. In that case, you should consult a: e dermatologist: The professionals can also succeed with chronic pimples on the back with prescription creams and tablets.

Yes, back pimples are annoying. But you are not defenceless against skin imperfections. If you stick to our care tips for blemished skin on your back sooner rather than later – or seek medical advice if nothing helps – you will quickly get the problem under control.


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