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Face Serum: What It Is, What It Is For And How To Use It

The face serum is an item with a high centralization of dynamic fixings with a fluid or thick surface. It does a designated activity per the skin and its necessities: it hydrates, firms, enlightens, and so forth, given the dynamic fixings in the definition.

The vitally dynamic fixing in a face serum is hyaluronic corrosive. Once applied, it works on the presence of kinks and complexion levels and diminishes indications of weakness. Shortly, it enters deep into the skin. We should figure out everything about the face serum, what it is going after, what it is, how to apply it and how to pick the face serum given your skin.

What Is A Face Serum?

Face Serum is a vital beauty ally for skin care. It is a product with a concentrated formula rich in active ingredients with a light and fluid texture. Compared to other skincare products, thanks to their composition, they penetrate easily and more profoundly and guarantee visible results quickly. There are various types of face serums, based on the needs of the skin, with multiple features such as

  1. Stimulate and tighten the skin
  2. Counteract the signs of aging or for an anti-ageing effect
  3. Deeply moisturize the skin
  4. Illuminate the tissues for a toned and healthy skin
  5. Reduce marks and spots on the face.

How To Apply Face Serum

Each product has specific directions for use, but it’s generally best to apply the Serum at least once daily. For a targeted action, it should be applied in minimal quantities on clean and dry skin after having adequately cleansed it and having used the tonic. A small amount is enough to spread on the face, neck and décolleté. The Serum is used before the cream to complete and enhance its effects according to needs and requirements.

But how do you apply the Serum on your face? Its correct use involves the application of the product on cleansed skin of the face with light touches until completely absorbed. For a proper beauty routine with Serum, follow the steps below :

  1. Cleanse your face
  2. Apply toner if using.
  3. Place a few drops of product on your fingers.
  4. Apply the effect on the front with your fingers without massaging.
  5. You can tap gently on the skin of the face to activate circulation and promote the absorption of the product quickly.

At this point, the product will absorb very quickly and form the other products’ base. After the Serum, you can apply, in order, the face cream, the sunscreen and then the make-up. Remember to apply the Serum on the face avoiding the most sensitive areas, such as the eye contour, a site on which it is good to use ad hoc products.

When And How To Utilize A Face Serum

There is no specific time to start using the Serum; the skin requires it. Applying a face serum can also be indicated for a very young but dull epidermis with impurities. As a rule, a moisturizing serum is recommended up to the age of 35. From 35 to 45, an anti-ageing serum, therefore anti-wrinkle, and after 45, a firming one. 

After application, the Serum leaves a feeling of well-being. If the skin tends to produce excess sebum or the make-up quickly doesn’t last, it means that you are using a serum unsuitable for your type of epidermis. Using it in the evening is advisable, as the product contains a high percentage of active substances. During the night, the blood microcirculation is reactivated, cellular exchanges and skin permeability improve, and consequently, the effects of the Serum are enhanced.

Face Illuminating Serum, Why Choose It

A moisturizing serum performs highly beneficial actions for the face. After its application, the skin immediately gains in elasticity and softness: it is radiant, illuminated and smooth. An illuminating serum:

  1. Restores firmness and hydration to the epidermis
  2. Contrasts dull complexion
  3. Compensates for loss of volume
  4. Promotes cell renewal
  5. Fights the effects of pollution and aging
  6. It acts as a natural anti-ageing serum

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