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Skin Cleansing: Learn How To Do It Optimally In 7 Steps

Factors such as pollution, prolonged exposure to the sun, makeup residue and others affect the skin’s health, making us more vulnerable to dermatological problems. Knowing how to cleanse your skin is essential to stop the consequences of harmful agents. The use of dermo-cosmetics can also help in this task.

Keeping your skin beautiful and healthy is easier with the help of specific products. In the past, few items were intended for skincare, and, for the most part, they only solved one problem. Currently, the variety is more significant. Novelties and new vocabularies have appeared on the market. 

First, it is essential to highlight the scientific advancement of skin care products, whether for basic techniques such as the steps of a facial schedule or even more specialized procedures. Likewise, dermatologists’ high level of expertise allows the patient to be aware of the latest in treatments and products.

Although the rush of everyday life can make cleaning difficult, with small habits, it is possible to have healthier and more beautiful skin. There is no need to spend long minutes in front of the mirror. A basic skincare routine, according to your skin type, is enough.

For example, dry skin requires fewer exfoliation sessions. Oily skins, on the other hand, require weekly exfoliators. Above all, skin cleansing brings numerous advantages: reduction of blackheads, blemishes, infections and acne control.

So, let’s go to 7 steps!

Wash Your Face

As with any beauty routine, remember that the beginning is relatively simple and can become specific according to the desired result. At this first moment, wash your face with warm water and use a neutral soap to eliminate surface impurities.

Do An Exfoliation

Exfoliation promotes cell renewal, so your skin may be reddened. But don’t worry, it’s normal! There are specific products for exfoliation that respect the type of each skin. So choose an exfoliator suitable for you, and perform the procedure when necessary. 

Disinfect The Skin

A disinfectant lotion has a bactericidal effect and can prevent infections. Therefore, it is essential to perform this step after removing all impurities from the skin.


The tonic, also known as tonic lotion, is the step that removes any remnants of dirt that have been deposited on the skin, balances the pH and controls oiliness.

Soothe The Skin

Whenever possible and you have extra time, soothe the skin using a face mask. They help to cleanse, refresh, replenish nutrients and ultimately soothe the skin. In addition, there is a wide variety of shows, with different application times, which can last a few minutes, to those used during sleep.

Moisturize The Skin

After applying the toner, your skin will likely be dry and ready to receive the moisturizer. This is the ideal time to recover the skin’s natural oil and moisture. However, choose moisturizers specific to your skin type. 

In addition, the infinite diversity of moisturizers solves and prevents skin dryness, restoring its freshness. There are formulas with vitamin C that contain premature aging. You can also find moisturizers with hyaluronic acid, which hydrate deeply, preventing wrinkles and expression lines.  


Despite being the last step of the facial schedule, sunscreen can never be missing, especially in summer! Long periods of unprotected sun exposure can result in redness, blemishes, premature aging and even skin cancer.

Above all, be sure to apply sunscreen before leaving the house. Today it is also possible to find protectors with exclusive formulas with antioxidant and moisturizing activities. Choose the one that best suits your skin.

The benefits of skin cleansing are best realized with the seven steps you just learned! It is worth remembering that regular consultation with a dermatologist is essential for maintaining the health of your skin and recommending the best products.


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