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Get Rid Of Dark Circles: The Best Tips Against Shadows Under The Eyes

Do dark shadows under your eyes plague you? Read how these are created. Plus: With these care tricks, dark circles will no longer be an issue in the future

The delicate skin around the eyes is susceptible and an indicator of how well you are. If you are often plagued by dark circles and would like to get rid of the dark shadows forever, you must first understand how and why dark circles arise.

How Do Dark Circles Develop?

Shadows under the eyes are caused by a lack of microcirculation in the capillaries under the skin around the eyes. The blood builds up under the delicate, thin skin and becomes visible.

What Are The Causes Of Dark Circles?

Dark circles can have various causes, such as chronic stress, depression, lack of sleep, or fluid or nutritional deficiencies due to smoking and iron and vitamin C. Do you sleep a lot, don’t drink alcohol and can’t find the cause of your dark circles? “Heavy dark circles are not always a sign of fatigue,” says Margarete Barth, naturopath and beautician from Kempten. In most cases, they are system-related, says Barth. The blood vessels below your eyes are higher up than in other people and shimmer through your skin.

If dark shadows under the eyes suddenly appear without an apparent cause and persist, a visit to the doctor is recommended. The dark shadows under the eyes can have medical causes such as kidney or thyroid disease. Infections and allergies can also trigger dark circles. It would be better if you had the reason medically clarified.

If sleep deprivation, stress or illness are to blame, dark circles usually disappear as soon as these triggers have been eliminated. In the meantime, or if the dark shadows are genetic, these SOS helpers can help.

Eye Creams Soothe Dark Shadows

Eye creams are an excellent way to reduce dark circles a little in the long term. They contain ingredients such as caffeine and vitamin C, which stimulate the skin’s microcirculation. Tiny, light-reflecting particles in the creams optically lighten the dark circles. Tip: Store the cream in the refrigerator. In the morning, it helps to remove slight swellings and ensures a fresh look quickly.

Even when massaging in the eye cream, you can prevent dark circles. US scientists found that rubbing an eye cream with your ring finger puts a minor strain on delicate skin. The finger does not have its lifting muscles and therefore exerts the least amount of pressure. This is how it works: Start very carefully from the nasal bone and carefully head the skin under the eye outwards. Hike back and forth several times. This promotes blood circulation and thus reduces dark shadows.

Help From The Freezer

One trick against puffy eyes that men should learn from their girlfriends is ice masks. They look like sleeping masks. But instead of fabric, they consist of gel in a plastic envelope. Due to the cold, the vessels around the eyes contract, and the swelling goes down. 15 minutes are enough for this. If you often suffer from puffy eyes, you should always keep an ice mask close at hand in the freezer (available in drugstores). 

For DIY enthusiasts: Make your ice mask by crushing ice cubes with a hammer, putting them in a washcloth and placing them over your closed eyes, just like the ice mask.


Concealer For An Alert Look

If creaming and cooling don’t work, you have to put on a mask. Was the word “concealer” just part of your girlfriend’s vocabulary up to now? If you suffer from dark circles around your eyes, add it to your vocabulary as soon as possible. Concealers are masking creams or sticks, especially for the area under the eyes. They are particularly highly pigmented and therefore cover a lot more than make-up, for example.

Apply the concealer with your finger below the eyes, starting from the inner corner. Using the tip of your ring finger, gently pat the paint in until the shadows disappear. The following applies: less is more. So start with a small amount and add more if necessary. Because too much concealer makes men glance made up. And surely you want to keep your little grooming secret to yourself, right?

Home Remedies For Dark Circles: Cucumber Notes, Tea Bags And Cold Spoons

Cucumber Against Dark Circles: If you suffer from puffy eyes, you should try cucumber slices. You have probably already seen it in films or at your girlfriend’s place. What is that supposed to mean? Cucumber slices donate a lot of moisture and also have a cooling effect, which reduces swelling. The application is straightforward: cut thin slices of cucumber, place them on your eyes, leave for 15 minutes, done!

Black Tea Bags Against Puffiness: Black tea bags on the eyes look just as off-putting as cucumber slices, but the effect is impressive! Tea stimulates the metabolism, which promotes blood circulation and can thus help reduce both dark circles and puffiness. This is how it works: Place the cooled and only lightly squeezed bags on the eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. 

Teaspoons From The Refrigerator Compartment: If you often wake up with fat eyes in the morning, you should deposit teaspoons in the refrigerator compartment in the evening. It is usually enough to press the spoon gently on your eyelid for about 5 minutes to reduce the swelling significantly.

Sports Against Dark Circles: Use Exercise To Prevent Dark Shadows

Not only fitness, muscles and figures benefit from sport – regular fitness sessions also reduce annoying shadows under the eyes. Because physical activity stimulates the blood circulation in the body and the oxygen supply increases, this is also good for the delicate skin under your eyes.

Diet Against Dark Circles: Lots Of Vitamins, A Little Salt

Fast food is not only noticeable on the hips but also the face. For example, dark circles can be the result of poor or one-sided nutrition. So be careful what you eat. A balanced diet, with less meat and many fresh vegetables, provides the body with vitamins and minerals and doesn’t give dark circles a chance.

Not only what you eat is crucial, but also how much salt you salt it. Eating too often or too much salt causes the blood vessels under the eyes to dilate and the eyesight to swell. So, if possible and necessary, reduce your salt consumption.

Also important: drink a lot! Dark circles under the eyes can be a sign that you are dehydrated. The average adult should drink 2 to 3 litres of water a day, and athletes even more!

Have Dark Shadows Professionally Removed

With the cosmetic surgeon, in some instances, dark pigment deposits under the eyes, so-called hyperpigmentation, can be destroyed with pulsed laser light. Hyaluronic acid injections can also help because they plump up the skin, and the blood vessels no longer shine through. In both cases, you have to pay the costs yourself. 

Prevents Shadows Under The Eyes: Avoid Lack Of Sleep

In many cases, lack of sleep is the trigger for dark circles. They can be concealed with care and concealer, but over a more extended period, a healthy and full of rest or a change in your lifestyle will help your body a lot more!

To prevent sleep disorders, sleep researchers recommend going to bed regularly and avoiding electronic devices at least 1 hour before going to sleep. The blue light from the mobile phone display inhibits the production of the sleep hormone melatonin.

Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under The Eyes By Avoiding Nicotine And Alcohol

Another argument against smoking! The thin skin under the eyes suffers enormously from cigarette smoke. Those who smoke a lot often have more pronounced dark circles than non-smokers. The reason: in the long term, nicotine causes vessels to contract and less blood to pass through.

But alcohol also puts a strain on the skin under the eyes. It removes water from the skin cells and thus accelerates ageing. Chronic alcohol consumption also damages the digestive tract, which means that the body can optimally absorb various vitamins.


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