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Hair Loss And Weak Nails: Causes, Treatments

It is expected that when there is hair loss and weak nails, many people turn to supplements in capsules or gum to strengthen both and stop the problem. However, the condition can result from complications or disorders that, when not appropriately treated, can worsen and compromise various body functions.

Hair Loss And Weak Nails: What Could It Be?

Several factors can be responsible for hair loss or nail weakening, and an identical complication usually causes both conditions. This is because, as hair fiber and nails are formed by the same amino acids and keratin when the hair’s health is not going well, the health of the nails also tends to be compromised.

Thyroid disorders ( hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism ), testosterone (hormonal) levels, or hypovitaminosis (insufficient levels of one or more vitamins or minerals in the body) are some of those responsible for weakening nails and hair loss.

Therefore, a medical evaluation and exams are the only ones capable of determining the condition’s cause and the best treatment for the patient. For example, if the reason is thyroid dysfunction, medicines that help regulate the gland’s functioning are the most recommended.

There is no recipe for all cases because, as we have seen, the causes of hair loss and weakening nails can be many. The doctor recommends the best treatment that is suitable for your case.

Habits That Help In The Health Of Hair And Nails

Daily habits contribute a lot to getting strong, beautiful, healthy hair and nails.

Washing The Wires With Suitable Products

Shampoos, masks, and conditioners specific to your hair type and curvature are essential. For example, curly hair should use more moisturizing and particular products for curls, while damaged hair should opt for more moisturizing and reconstruction products.

In addition, the use of a thermal protector before using heat sources (dryer and flat iron) and the use of finishers, such as repair oil for ends after drying and styling, are essential to protect the hair and prevent breakage, a condition characterized by weakening. of the wires and that also comprises the growth.

Hydration with creams or masks should be done weekly, as they act as hair fiber strengtheners and protectors. In addition to helping with malleability and combing, the product also protects the hair from the action of sunlight and heat sources.

And oh, washing your hair should be done with lukewarm or cold water. Hot water also stimulates oiliness, which, in excess, can cause hair loss and dandruff.

Do Not Use Conditioner And Creams On The Scalp

The only product that can be used on the scalp is shampoo. When we apply conditioning and moisturizing effects to it, the region tends to produce excess oil, making the hair look dirty more quickly and contributing to complications, such as allergies and dandruff.

It is worth remembering that people with oily hair should use transparent shampoos, that is, astringent. On the other hand, dry and damaged people should opt for milky and pearly shampoos, as they are just as moisturizing.

Weekly Nail Care

File your nails, hydrate them and remove only the excess cuticle, and not entirely, are some of the care that makes all the difference in their health. In addition, strengthening or treatment bases is a great ally, as it restores essential nutrients.

Healthy Eating

Food is the essential item on the list because it is through it that we can ingest the nutrients necessary not only for the health of hair and nails but also for the full functioning of the body.

Make colorful meals with vegetables, proteins, and fiber sources, and avoid very greasy and industrialized foods. The absence of vitamins and minerals is directly linked to hair loss and nail weakness. Therefore, the more colorful and natural the dish, the more nutritious and healthier for the whole body.


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