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How To Balance Hair PH

Hair pH is a metric widely used to analyze the health of the cuticles and, consequently, the balance of the hair fibre, representing a fundamental tool for identifying the best treatment for the hair’s demands.

In this post, we delve into hair pH and share everything you need to know about the topic, presenting everything from the characteristics of ideal pH to the care that can be taken to achieve this result.

Therefore, if you want to expand your knowledge about hair treatments and discover how to balance the pH of your hair, take a few minutes of your attention and check out the content we have prepared below!

What Is The PH Of Hair

pH or hydrogen potential is a measurement used by chemical sciences to analyze the hydrogen ions of a given substance and, in this way, identify its degree of acidity, neutrality or alkalinity.

According to the concepts used in chemistry, a pH considered acidic averages between 1 and 6.9. The neutral pH is around 7, and the alkaline pH is between 7.1 and 14.

Bringing this concept to the hair universe, pH refers mainly to the acidity or alkalinity of the hair strands.

As is known, the hair’s surface is formed by a series of cuticles, which are the scales that protect its structure and control everything that “enters” and “exits” the hair fibre.

When these cuticles are healthy, they lie flat and sealed, keeping moisture and nutrients inside the hair.

An ideal pH plays a vital role in hair health, as it is mainly responsible for preserving the integrity of the cuticles, ensuring that the hair remains nourished and hydrated.

Therefore, understanding the pH of your hair and knowing how to keep it balanced is the key to protecting hair health.

What Is The Ideal PH?

The ideal pH of hair varies between 4.5 and 5.5. Therefore, balanced hair has an acidic pH.

A slightly acidic pH is capable of keeping the hair cuticles sealed and, in this way, preventing unnecessary loss of nutrients, making the hair shielded from significant damage.

Furthermore, an acidic pH helps maintain moisture within the hair, preventing signs of dryness, breakage and loss of elasticity.

Not to mention protecting your locks! After all, when the pH is acidic and the cuticles are sealed, it forms a layer of lipids that will coat the hair and defend it against external factors, such as pollution, UV radiation and the like.

How To Balance Hair PH?

The first step to balancing the pH of your hair and, consequently, preserving the integrity of the cuticles is by investing in hair cosmetics formulated with a slightly acidic pH – that is, with a measurement between 4.4 and 5.5.

This includes daily products, such as shampoos and conditioners, and hair treatment items, such as masks, ampoules and other self-care items.

On the other hand, try to avoid applying very alkaline products, that is, those that have a pH above 7. Generally, these products are represented by bleaches, dyes and even cosmetics that aim to leave your hair straight.

In addition to raising the pH of the hair, these products are also capable of interfering with the stability of the cuticles, promoting their imbalance and favouring the loss of moisture and nutrients.

And speaking of misaligned cuticles, another factor that can cause this condition is rinsing with hot water. As is known, high water temperature can open the hair cuticles and interfere with a balanced pH.

Therefore, always prefer rinsing with cold or, at most, lukewarm water. This way, it is possible to maintain the ideal pH and even stimulate the sealing of the cuticles.

Finally, remember to build a nutrition and hydration routine. This ranges from organizing a specific hair schedule for your hair to building a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients in general.

Our tip is to invest in moisturizing hair masks and vegetable oils that can be applied to the hair – like coconut oil, for example. While masks help supply the hair with moisture and nutrients, oils preserve the hydrolipidic mantle, keeping strands nourished and protected.

Discover The Equalized Mask!

The Equalize Mask is the solution offered by Prohall Professional for the treatment of porous and damaged hair.

Developed with Patauá Oil, D-Panthenol and Vegetable Keratin, the mask is responsible for rebalancing the cuticles and regenerating areas damaged by external agents, providing much more strength and resistance to the hair strands.

Furthermore, its acidifying and reconstructive properties are capable of equalizing the pH of the hair, recovering the vitality of the locks.

The result is firm, soft, luminous hair completely free from porosity, dryness, elasticity and breakage.

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