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How To Replace Milk In Desserts

Have you ever wondered how to replace milk in desserts? Let’s find out together. Have you ever wondered how to replace milk in desserts? You may need to find a replacement for this ingredient due to health needs or food choices. Finding an alternative element, however, is not only valuable for lightening recipes: it is essential for those who are allergic or intolerant to lactose which, otherwise, must deprive themselves of the pleasure of a cake, a dessert, and more. 

Cuisine, as it is known, is also very rich in many savory preparations that include cow’s milk. It is also a raw material of excellent ingredients, such as many cheeses. But how do you do it while still getting a good result? Let’s find out together!

Our Alternatives

The possibilities for those wondering how to replace milk in desserts are diverse. They can also be a pleasant surprise for experimenting, tasting new flavors, and codifying new recipes to be tasted and made to taste. The alternatives are chosen according to the type of recipe you want to make but also based on the flavor you want to give cakes, creams, and many other sweets that make our days unique.

How To Replace Milk With Water

How do I replace milk in desserts? The first replacement for milk is the most straightforward and most immediate: it is water. You can replace the milk with the same amount of water. If you have 150 g of milk in a dough or cream, use 150 g of water instead. In fact, the so-called water cakes are very famous in recent years, which take advantage of this substitution and are often prepared because they are lighter and more digestible.

How To Replace Milk With Liquid Cream

The same principle also applies to cream, which should be used in the same amount as milk. Also, in this case, replace 100 g of water with 100 g of liquid cream, fresh vegetables. This substitution can be applied to both doughs and creams. For example, you can prepare a custard that uses only liquid cream or cakes made with liquid cream instead of milk. The result will be an even more decadent and more delicious dessert.

How To Replace Milk With Yogurt

Yogurt can also be a great alternative to milk. In this case, 100 g of milk corresponds to a 125 g jar of yogurt. You can indulge yourself with the type of yogurt, letting yourself be guided by tastes and the kind of dessert you are preparing. To be on the safe side or for neutral preparations, you can use natural yogurt or Greek yogurt. For fruit desserts, you can use fruit yogurt.

How To Replace Milk With Milk Or Vegetable Drinks

Another perfect replacement for milk is vegetable drinks or the various types of existing vegetable milk. Soy, oat, rice, or almond milk will do. Also, in this case, you can keep the quantity of liquid unchanged. Therefore, you can use 150 g of vegetable milk instead of 150 g of milk in a dough or cream. The result will still be excellent. 

This will be an excellent alternative to giving life to vegan recipes, even starting from recipes you have always prepared. Choose the type of vegetable milk to use also based on the kind of recipe you are making and the aftertaste you want to give. Coconut and almond milk provide a flavor that stands out more in doughs and creams. Then choose the type of milk or vegetable drink that you like best.

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