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If You Eat These 4 Foods Regularly, You Will Get Gray Hair Sooner

Aging with dignity is worth striving for, and gray hair is certainly not a breaking point, but especially when pigment-free hair appears in the 20s or 30s, some people are not exactly happy about it. You can counteract premature graying with a healthy diet.

Although genetics play a decisive role in hair growth, hair health, and aspects such as hair appearance, it should be known that, in addition to the skin, the hair is also a mirror of our diet.

The effect of dietary supplements on an already balanced diet is controversial. However, malnutrition has been shown to lead to hair loss.

It is now also known that the constant consumption of certain foods can be a reason for the premature graying of the hair.

These Foods Cause Premature Gray Hair

Hair needs vitamins, minerals, and proteins for healthy growth and a beautiful appearance. If you eat a balanced diet and are lucky with your genes, your hair will look beautiful and healthy for a long time. However, certain foods can hinder your nutrient absorption or directly negatively affect the aging process of your hair.

Industrial Sugar

Sugar inhibits the absorption of vitamins and other nutrients, so it also indirectly affects your hair health. Vitamin E, which is essential for hair, is also restricted by sugar’s function. In addition to a sufficient intake of nutrients and vitamins, you should make sure that your sugar consumption is kept within limits. Natural sweetness such as dates or honey does not have this effect.

Flavor Enhancers Like Glutamate

Flavor enhancers affect your feeling of hunger and can thus lead to obesity, but they also unbalance your metabolism. This harms the aging process of your hair. So, it is better to cook fresh instead of resorting to a ready-made meal.

Animal Proteins

Proteins are essential for a healthy organism – including for the hair. However, the body is less able to digest specific proteins than others. It also becomes difficult if you eat too many proteins at once.

When proteins are digested, ammonia is produced, a substance that is converted into urea. Excess uric acid is harmful, including negatively affecting hair health.

Therefore, keep your meat and fish consumption within limits and fill up your protein requirements with vegetable protein, which can be found in large quantities in legumes.

Artificial Colors

Artificial dyes and preservatives, and other additives also damage the hair structure. It is, therefore, better to avoid brightly colored foods, such as those often found in the confectionery department.


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