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Is It Possible To Lose Localized Fat?

One of the goals of a large part of the population when it comes to dieting is to lose localized fat or adipose tissue. The big question is whether this fat loss can be achieved locally.

Depending on the individual’s somatotype,  each person accumulates more fat in different body areas. Generally, men are more likely to accumulate fatty tissue in the upper quadrant, while women store more fat in the legs and hips.

When dealing with a weight loss protocol, the most important thing is to establish a diet with a calorie deficit that imbalances the energy balance in favour of expenditure. This way, the energy consumed will be greater than that which enters. Thus, reserves in the form of fatty tissue will be used to produce energy.

It Is Not Possible To Lose Fat Locally

Although many exercise and diet plans offer results tied to a specific body area, losing fat locally is impossible. The reduction of adipose tissue is carried out in a general and proportional manner. No metabolic mechanism allows a greater intensity to be applied to a particular fatty tissue.

The best option to reduce adipose tissue is to follow a varied and balanced diet and exercise frequently. This is stated in an article published in the journal Current   Gastroenterology Reports. Additionally, including strength exercises helps increase energy expenditure and maximize weight loss.

Don’t Be Obsessed With Losing Localized Fat

Although losing adipose tissue is related to better health,  it is advisable not to become obsessed with this goal. The priority is to improve eating habits to reduce the risk of developing diseases, as stated in a study published in the Journal of  Epidemiology.

Transitioning eating habits to healthier ones often involves weight loss. However, if this is not the case, assessing the amount of food consumed and the physical activity performed would also be appropriate.

Weight Loss Supplements

When seeking to reduce adipose tissue, a series of substances and supplements can promote the results obtained with diet and exercise.

The first is caffeine, which can be consumed in capsules or in the form of coffee with the guidance of a specialist. Regular intake of this alkaloid is associated with further reduction in fatty tissue and a transient improvement in cognitive function.

Another substance capable of promoting weight loss is capsaicin. This is common in peppers, such as chilli or lady’s finger. For this reason, including spicy foods in the diet is associated with a further reduction in fatty tissue. It is a simple and easy strategy to implement.

However,  care should be taken with the supplements offered by the industry. Many of them have little or no evidence of reducing body fat. Some products can cause side effects, such as tachycardia in specific individuals.

The idea is to choose plenty of vegetables and protein sources. Additionally, there is room for carbohydrates, albeit in moderation. As always, combine your diet with exercise for the best results.

Lose Fat, Even If It Is Not Localized

It is not possible to lose fat locally. To eliminate love handles, you must reduce the body’s total percentage of fatty tissues. However, this task is not as complicated as it seems at first.

The key is to acquire healthier eating habits without obsessing about weight loss per se. Increasing the consumption of vegetables and reducing the consumption of processed foods is a significant step forward in this task.

On the other hand, certain substances can increase the effects of weight loss through diet and exercise. Caffeine and capsaicin are two good options. The good news is that you can easily find them in the foods nature offers.

Add some pepper to your meals for more significant fat loss, as long as your eating pattern is appropriate.

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