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Pasta For Dinner: Pros And Cons

One of the debates that most interest all those who particularly love pasta is whether evening consumption is more or less harmful to health. In fact, according to our tradition, pasta is a dish that is mainly eaten for lunch, while it is rare that this dish is prepared for dinner.

However, the fact that it is not a very common habit should not make us immediately think that it is wholly discouraged, also because, as in all things (especially in those concerning nutrition), we cannot talk a priori about what is right. and what’s wrong with it. 

Many ideas circulating for years on pasta are the result of some diets and currents of thought that have made the fight against carbohydrates their battle horses. So it is easy to think how specific diets immediately pointed their finger at the consumption of pasta in the evening in favor of other more protein elements. Let’s see together, therefore, the pros and cons of pasta for dinner, which, based on our beliefs and conditions, will give us a richer picture of this habit that many people regularly have. 

Carbohydrates Are Essential In Every Meal

First of all, pasta, like other cereals and derived foods including rice and bread, contains a high amount of complex carbohydrates, which, being our primary energy source, if they were lacking or lacking, could create problems for our body. “Taking this into account – adds the interviewee – it is easy to understand how every meal must necessarily have a component of carbohydrates, which give energy and prevent our body from drawing it from other nutrients such as proteins.”

Carbohydrates can be taken in several ways. 

The simple ones, for example, are contained in the fruit that the nutritionist suggests consuming right from breakfast and respecting the golden rule of five portions of fruit and vegetables per day. During meals, however, we mainly consume complex carbohydrates, as in the case of pasta. This means that carbohydrates must be present at both lunch and dinner, and also in the form of pasta. This, even at dinner, should therefore be seen as a source of carbohydrates, necessary for our body to continue to draw energy even at the end of the day. “

Pasta For Dinner: The Advantages 

Many wonder if eating pasta for dinner is bad for you. As with all foods, the fundamental thing is that consumption is still moderate in order not to have repercussions on our state of health and on what will be the quality of our sleep. One of the positive aspects of the evening consumption of pasta is that, during the day, our body needs the right energy source to avoid problems. Like other cereals and derived foods, pasta is rich in complex carbohydrates that give our bodies the right amount of energy. 

It is, therefore, right that even in the evening hours, especially if we do not go to bed immediately after dinner, our body has enough energy to face the last hours of the day without affecting the proteins. Like that of lunch, the evening quantity of pasta should not exceed the dose of 80 grams and should be seasoned with a drizzle of oil and a little Parmesan, avoiding complex sauces. 

Pasta For Dinner: The Disadvantages

In evaluating the pros and cons, the balance is represented by the amount of pasta we go to eat in the evening. Therefore, the important thing is not to overdo it because otherwise, the risk of running into short and long-term problems is very high. The most common mistake is that our pasta dish is the only element of our dinner. Still, it would be correct to combine it with vegetables or proteins and, therefore, consume pasta more as a side dish than as a single dish (like at lunch, to be precise.).

If these guidelines are not followed, there will be digestive problems which, immediately, would lead to a worsening of the quality of sleep and rest. In the long run, mainly if we are used to consuming pasta for both lunch and dinner (the ideal would be to alternate the two), there is the risk of weight gain due to a large number of carbohydrates consumed that can be added. To fats in case you even have to opt for complex and elaborate condiments.


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