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Remove Ear Hair: This Is How You Get Rid Of Annoying Hair In Your Ears

So that your ear hair doesn’t grow out of your ears in clumps at some point, here are the best tips for the removal

First of all: All people have hair in their ears. And that’s a good thing: They serve as filters for foreign bodies and protect the ears from infections. However, in children, women, and young men, you usually cannot see ear hairs because they are so delicate and light that they cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Why Does Hair Grow Out Of Men’s Ears?

For many men, on the other hand, the hair becomes longer and bristle with age. The fault is the dear testosterone – or its breakdown product dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The annoying thing about it is that while it makes the hair in the ear and other parts of the body sprout like crazy, it also causes many men to run out of hair on their heads.

Even if they are annoying, ear hair is nothing to worry about. Of course, you don’t have to put up with it. With these tips, you can remove or shorten annoying hair in and on the ear quickly and painlessly:

Variant 1: Remove Ear Hairs With The Scissors

If you want to fight hair growth with scissors, you’d better buy safety scissors with rounded corners. You can find them in every drugstore and on Amazon. And it’s best to have someone else help you with the pruning. Better safe than sorry … You should never use conventional nail scissors – their pointed ends scream for injuries. Ouch! 

Variant 2: Trimming With The Ear Hair Trimmer

Special ear hair trimmers are even better. They cut the hair without the risk of injury and, above all, only enough so that it can continue to function as a filter. Don’t worry. The strands are still so short afterward that you look well-groomed. Tip: Most devices are combination greats for the ears and nose. 

Variant 3: Turkish Ear Hair Removal

Turkish hairdressers remove annoying hairs with fire. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. The hair on the ears can also be removed with a small flame. But be careful! For this method, rely on the skills of a barber, never your own. The men’s hairdresser removes the annoying hairs in the ears with a kind of small torch – quickly and painlessly. Sure, the ears get hot, but there is no risk of burns! The result lasts for about two weeks. 

Please Never Pluck Your Ear Hairs

Under no circumstances use tweezers or wax to get rid of the hair on and in the ears, as this can cause nasty injuries and inflammation. In the worst-case scenario, it creates a nasty boil. It also gets painful when the hair pushes itself into the skin as it grows back – such ingrown hair is highly uncomfortable, especially on the ear. You can read here what helps against ingrown hairs. You plucked anyway, and your ears hurt? Then you should consult a doctor. The use of depilatory creams on this sensitive part of the body is also strongly discouraged. 

Conclusion: Remove Ear Hairs With Caution

Trimming the hair on your ears is part of a well-groomed appearance like a regular visit to the hairdresser. The hair in the ear also acts as the body’s dirt filter. Therefore, you should never pull out the hairs of your ears, as this will lose the protection, and you will also injure the sensitive skin and, in the worst case, get a nasty infection. Better: Shorten ears that are too long only with rounded scissors or a particular trimmer – or just let the professional do the work.


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