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Scalp Care Routine: What It Is And Why You Should Do It

How To Take Care Of Hair Starting From The Scalp

When we think of healthy hair, we generally turn our attention to the lengths: we would like them to be beautiful, strong and shiny. The market, in fact, fully responds to this idea, offering an infinite number of products aimed at hair care: conditioning and styling products excel both in demand and production. However, we tend to neglect what we do not see, and we only consider it when it begins to show imperfections (dandruff in the first place). Yes, we talk about the scalp, where the hair sinks its roots.

The Scalp

With its five layers of tissue, the scalp is probably one of the most complex areas of our skin, rich in sebaceous glands and hair bulbs. It is subject to redness and stress caused by various factors such as being too aggressive or frequent shampooing. Hair tied for long periods, etc. and accumulations of dead skin and dirt.

For this reason, a correct Scalp Care Routine is essential to take care of it constantly and adequately before compromising it. If critical situations of “imbalance” have already occurred, a dermatological examination is undoubtedly advisable. If not, we can take care of our scalp just like we would the skin on our face.

Scalp Care Routine: What Are The Steps To Take?

The basic steps for complete care not only of the hair but above all of the scalp can be traced back to  three stages:

  1. Cleansing, suitable for the type of skin and never aggressive;
  2. Periodic scrub to eliminate dead cells and promote both microcirculation and cell regeneration;
  3. Hydration with packs and masks. 

The production of sebum is one of the central nodes of the well-being of this organ. In fact, in a dry scalp, it is evident that sebum production will be insufficient and, on the contrary, excessive fat. The routine must be calibrated according to need: if the scalp is dry, it will be good to use an ultra-delicate wash and dedicate yourself to hydration. On the contrary, if it is greasy, it will be good to alternate a delicate wash with a purifying one and proceed with a scrub more frequently.

How To Choose The Right Ingredients (And Products)

Fundamental in the choice of products for the Scalp Care Routine are the active ingredients: they must be targeted and effective, and in this, great help comes from the Ayurvedic tradition, where scalp care has ancient roots. Many may already know that “shampoo” comes from Hindi Champi and means “pressure”, or massage. This is because the washing of the scalp was a wellness ritual practiced in India with washing herbs (high in vegetable saponins) and many other Ayurvedic herbs precious for the health of the scalp and hair, right through the massage.

The “doughs” obtained with the powders were gently rubbed on the scalp, thus reactivating the microcirculation and allowing the hair to benefit from all the positive effects of the herbs. In the same way, between one wash and another, a scalp massage was carried out with some oleolites obtained from these plants. The practices of the Ayurvedic tradition are nowadays widely used also in the West, mostly with herbal compresses obtained homemade. 

The beneficial effects of some of the most common powders are known such as Amla  – powerful antioxidant, strengthens the roots and balances the scalp – or Shikakai, which in addition to being rich in saponins, also has a muscular strengthening and conditioning action, and  Methi, Kapoor, Tulsi and  Ashwagandha to name a few. Great ingredients for the care of the scalp and lengths because the secret of hair beauty is in the shaft and its roots.


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