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Eat Yourself Nicely: These Foods Replace Dietary Supplements

A radiant complexion, voluminous hair, and strong nails – all the beauty in just one pill. But why turn to dietary supplements right away when it can be done more naturally? We’ll tell you which foods are lovely.

Carotene in tablet form, magnesium as powder, and biotin in capsules: Dietary supplements should help make the nails more robust, the hair is shinier, and the tan fuller.

However, instead of strolling up and down in the drugstore, it is worth walking through the market – “Cooking instead of capsules” is the motto here.

Because what you squeeze out of packaging or dissolve in water can be found in numerous foods. And best of all: They not only taste perfect, but they also make you look beautiful from the inside out over the long term!

Beta-Carotene Brings A Holiday Tan

A tan you can eat thanks to carrots, pumpkin, and co.: The beta-carotene it contains belongs to the carotenoids, a group of natural coloring agents. Many types of fruit and vegetables owe their orange-red color to them.

The body processes beta-carotene into vitamin A, which is particularly important for the structure of mucous membranes and the visual process.

However, the dye also benefits the skin because it supports your tan and gives your complexion a holiday glow. This happens when you ingest a lot of carotenoids, and your body builds up a supply that is also stored in the skin, among other things.

However, beta-carotene has no sun protection from the inside – so when tanning, you should remember to apply sun protection factors!

These Foods Are Exceptionally High In Beta Carotene:

Sweet potatoes, carrots, dandelion leaves, rocket, pumpkin, kale, fennel, lamb’s lettuce, spinach, rosehip, sugar melon, sea buckthorn berries.

Biotin Makes Hair And Skin A Strong Team

The water-soluble B vitamin is always on the ball: Biotin accelerates the regeneration process of the cells, which among other things, tightens the skin and makes a face look fresh.

In addition, the all-rounder supports keratin production and thus drives hair growth.

Even brittle nails should benefit from the strengthening effect of the turbo vitamin and grow back stronger.

There Is An Exceptionally High Amount Of Biotin In These Foods:

Soybeans, edible bran, oat flakes, yeast, nuts, peas, egg, pork liver, kidney, quark, whole milk, nuts.

Magnesium Makes You Sleep Well

Because beauty sleep deserves its name: while you sleep, the body works at full speed and takes care that the cells regenerate.

If you sleep too little or poorly, it is not only written on your forehead but is also evident through pale and dull skin all over your face.

The sleep hormone melatonin is formed from the waking hormone serotonin. The mineral magnesium promotes the production of serotonin, which means that the hormone responsible for sleep is also produced in increased quantities.

Magnesium also helps relax your muscles and prevent cramps. So no mean calf cramp can tear you out of your beauty sleep.

These Foods Are High In Magnesium:

Wheat bran, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, oat flakes, pollack, shrimp, fennel, spinach, kohlrabi, bananas, dried dates and figs, blackberries, raspberries.

Zinc Declares War On Pimples

Unwanted blemishes: Pimples can have a variety of causes. In addition to stress and an unhealthy diet, a zinc deficiency can also be responsible for the formation of impurities.

Zinc ensures that the production of sebum is normalized, and, at the same time, its antibacterial effect also inhibits inflammation. Another superpower of the trace element: it strengthens the immune system, which is why zinc can fight off the first signs of a cold.

The body cannot produce the trace element itself, so it depends on zinc being absorbed through food.

These Foods Will Provide You With Enough Zinc:

Crispbread, mixed wheat bread, lentils, soybeans, nuts, liver, kidney, beef, shrimp, whole milk, hard cheese, especially Tilsiter, Emmentaler, and Gouda.

Iron Stimulates Hair Growth

No growth without iron: the trace element is part of the blood pigment hemoglobin and ensures that the inhaled oxygen is bound.

All body cells are supplied with oxygen via the blood – the basis for energy production.

If your nails are brittle and your hair is falling out, this could be a sign of an iron deficiency. Women should watch out for foods that contain iron, especially during menstruation.

There Is More Iron In These Foods:

Millet, crispbread, oatmeal, chickpeas, lentils, black salsify, pork liver and kidney, anchovies, mussels, wheat germ, spinach, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, dried apricots, dates, and figs.

Selenium Unpacks The Protective Shields

The inner protector selenium is not produced by the body itself and must also be ingested through food.

However, once the trace element has arrived in the body, it reacts immediately and takes all measures to keep free radicals away from us.

On the one hand, the antioxidant effect slows down skin aging.

These Foods Ensure A Sufficient Supply Of Selenium:

Wheat bran, white beans, lentils, soybeans, pork liver, beef, in many types of fish such as kippers, tuna, sardines and herring, shrimp, asparagus, Brazil nuts, walnuts, coconuts.

Potassium Knocks Out Cellulite

Oranges are famous, but orange peel – or cellulite – is not at all.

The minor dents on the buttocks and thighs usually arise when fat accumulates in the connective tissue. However, poor blood circulation or water retention can also be responsible for the depressions.

Potassium is, therefore, a natural cellulite killer, as the vital quantity element detoxifies and dehydrates.

In combination with vitamin C, which strengthens the connective tissue and drives fat burning, and targeted exercises, you can take action against orange peel.

You Can Mainly Find Potassium In These Foods:

Wheat bran, crispbread, lima beans, trout, goose, fennel, parsley, horseradish, parsnip, mushrooms, dried porcini mushrooms, almonds, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, avocado, kiwi, raspberries, currants.

Are Diet Supplements Dangerous?

In principle, the body is dependent on the supply of various vitamins and minerals.

Taking these in tablets, capsules, or powder is relatively easy, but there may be interactions with other drugs that have not been fully explored.

In addition, an overdose of individual elements can cause liver or kidney damage. Therefore, you must consult your doctor or health care professional if you are diagnosed with a nutritional deficiency, not be surprised by side effects.



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