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Will A Protein Diet Work For You? Find It Out!

A relative or friend who started following the protein diet had good results, and did you feel like following the same method? Calm down before deciding, and understand if the regimen is the best option for you.

What works for one person is not always guaranteed to work for another. After all, different people have different bodies, health conditions, preferences, routines, and habits.

But First, What Is The Protein Diet?

It is the famous low-carb diet, in which the consumption of carbohydrates is restricted. As a result, there is a higher consumption of proteins and fats.

There are different levels of low carb. For example, the super-restrictive version of the method is the ketogenic diet, which allows for less than 50 grams of carbs per day. An average low carb is between 100 grams and 150 grams of carbs per day.

Another option is the carb cycle, in which days consuming few carbs are alternated with days when you can ingest a typical (high) amount of the nutrient. Incidentally, the latter may be a more sustainable method of protein diet.

With that in mind, let’s evaluate some points that will help you know if the protein diet is proper for you:


Do You Need To Eat On The Street?

Before opting for a protein diet, a point to consider is whether you need to eat outside. Many dishes you can buy in restaurants and cafeterias are not adapted for low carb.

You can even set up a low-carb dish in self-service restaurants, as the food is exposed and you serve yourself. But, you may not have many options besides meat or egg with salad.

In addition, you will hardly find low-carb bread for breakfast or snacks in a bakery or cafeteria. Not to mention that exposure to temptations rich in carbohydrates is very high in these establishments.

Thus, the ideal for those who follow a protein diet is to prepare their meals at home to have different options on the menu, and it is easier to escape temptations.

Do You Have Time?

Anyone on a low-carb diet needs time to plan and prepare their meals. To stick with the method in the medium and long term, it will be crucial to learn how to make different types of healthy and tasty low-carb recipes to maintain a varied diet.

After all, it’s hard to stay on a diet eating eggs, grilled meats, and salad every day. Therefore, the protein diet can also be more complicated for those who work from home and don’t have as much time to spend in the kitchen.

Do You Eat Vegetables?

Not liking vegetables is another point that makes it difficult to follow the protein diet. That’s because foods rich in carbohydrates are no longer included in the diet. So, if the person doesn’t eat vegetables, there will be minimal options left on their menu.

Even because several vegetables appear in the low carb diet as substitutes for foods rich in carbohydrates.

Do You Have Any Contraindications?

There are health problems in which higher protein consumption is contraindicated. Therefore, a low-carb diet is unsuitable for those who suffer from these conditions. In addition, the method may also not be suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

There are also cases where the person already has some other dietary restrictions due to health problems. So also, restricting carbohydrate consumption can put extra weight on a diet and make it too limited.

If you have any pre-existing health problems, need to restrict food due to an illness, or are pregnant or breastfeeding, talk to your doctor and nutritionist to find out if you can adhere to the protein diet.

Only follow the method if you receive the health professional’s approval and count on the follow-up of the doctor and nutritionist to follow the diet.

Are You Vegan Or Vegetarian?

For those who do not consume meat or do not ingest any products of animal origin, it may be more challenging to follow a low-carb diet, as their protein sources are more restricted. The result will undoubtedly be a diet richer in fat and fiber than protein.

However, it is not impossible to make a low-carb vegan or vegetarian. If you are vegan or vegetarian and want to adhere to the method, consult a nutritionist to guide you through the process and ensure it is healthy and sustainable.


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