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Yoga For Beginners: Facts You Need To Know & Best Tips To Get Started

Anyone can learn yoga. You only have to make a clear decision once. Here you can find out what yoga is precise, how you can best start with it, and much more. The term yoga originally comes from Indian and means something like union or integration. This can also be understood in connection with the body and the soul up to self-knowledge. There are also many different types of yoga, such as Yama, Angsana, and a lot more. So, as you can see, the term yoga covers a broad spectrum. We have listed everything that you should know as a beginner.

Yoga For Beginners: Good Reasons To Start With Yoga

You don’t want to go running with your girlfriend because you feel too unsportsmanlike in direct comparison to them, or are classic workouts just not your thing? But would you still like to get your body moving more? Yoga for beginners is the perfect alternative. Here the body is perceived as it is and built on it. Nobody is the same, and therefore, there is a suitable yoga exercise for every need. Your fitness and your physique and posture are taken into account when choosing the exercises. First and foremost, your body awareness and self-perception are the focus of all yoga exercises.

Learn Yoga At Home: Here’s How

The practical thing about all yoga exercises is that you can easily do them anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to sign up for a studio or book a class to start yoga. It is also not crucial to power through hours of yoga sessions. The main thing is that you are motivated, and everything else can be individually tailored to you.

The range of yoga exercises is just as different and diverse as our bodies are. It always depends on your focus. It can be a bit overwhelming for yoga beginners at the beginning due to the abundance of different yoga exercises. However, if you already know what you would like to have, you will quickly find a style. On the one hand, there is Power Yoga (Ashtanga ), in which you can give everything and work up a real sweat. On the other hand, there are many simple forms, such as Yin Yoga.

Holistic Effects: This Is What Yoga Does With Your Body And Mind

Yoga Not Only Strengthens Self-Confidence in yourself but also refines your body awareness. The body is perceived and learned to love as it is. The sport also strengthens coordination, flexibility, strength, and endurance.

Yoga Clears The Head and promotes concentration. Special yoga exercises for relaxation can help you minimize your stress, relax the body, and become calmer. We are talking about breathing exercises, which take up a large part of yoga exercises. Of course, units can also be done with breathing exercises only. In the beginning, it can be a bit of a hurdle to combine movement and proper breathing perfectly, but that becomes over time.

There are many specific yoga exercises for back pain and a stiff neck. Migraines and insomnia are just a few examples that can be alleviated with the right yoga exercises.

An excellent side effect is the tightening of the skin. Yoga exercises do not focus on defining specific body parts, but it inevitably goes hand in hand with doing yoga continuously. By tensing the muscles due to the different poses, the muscles are more stressed.


Learning Yoga: These Are Common Mistakes That You Should Avoid

So that you are not overwhelmed and lose your desire for yoga, the budding yoga teacher Victoria Gabriel advises all yoga beginners to attend a general introductory course. The yoga basics are taught to you, and the focus is very much on breathing. This way, you won’t experience any feeling of frustration at not having achieved anything. Many beginners tend to take over themselves by starting immediately with very dynamic exercises.

Tip from the expert: Even if the yoga studio has to stay closed, that shouldn’t prevent you from doing yoga exercises. As a beginner, however, you should approach the online lessons slowly, as no one can correct you in the event of any misalignments.

Yoga For Beginners: The 3 Most Popular Yoga Styles For Beginners

  1. Hatha Yoga

Behind this term are a variety of different exercises and practices. Translated, “Hatha” means power or violence. If you divide it up again, “Ha” means the sun and “That” the moon. This should clarify the interplay of opposites. During these yoga exercises, a lot is learned about postures (asanas) and correct breathing exercises. Each yoga pose is held for a more extended period. Advantageous for yoga beginners, as the movements are memorized in peace. Here you will learn the basics, which thus provide a reasonable basis on which to build.

Tip: Well suited if you want to know the movement sequences in peace and are looking for relaxation in yoga.

  1. Yin Yoga

Therefore, this direction is very suitable for yoga beginners, as each exercise is done very slowly and held for up to ten minutes. The focus in this yoga direction is on relaxation, recovery, and just letting go.

Tip: If you are a more active person, this practice might seem a little boring at first glance. However, it is just as essential to relax and let your thoughts run free and not just take in new information all the time.

  1. Iyengar Yoga

In this yoga style, every yoga exercise is taken apart down to the smallest detail, and attention is paid to a precise posture. The focus here is on correctly performing the yoga exercises, so the “flow experience” is not included. The yoga exercises are shown foolishly. This creates a direct, proper concentration and an integration of body and mind. At the end of such yoga sessions, you will feel even more apparent than usual.

Tip: If you want a lot of action or variety, you shouldn’t start with this style of yoga. It mainly consists of technical processes. As a yoga beginner, you can, of course, learn a lot and anticipate mistakes, as you can do the poses very well afterward.

Yoga Apps: These Are The Best For Any Beginner – Our Top 3

Now you have no more excuses not to do yoga because you can put together your workout at home from a countless selection of tutorials, even at home. In addition, all exercises are carefully instructed so that you don’t feel lost. All you need is an app.

This app gives you a good mix of yoga and fitness. With a vast selection of hundreds of videos, you can easily set your level of difficulty and your preferences.

Probably the most prominent digital platform for yoga videos in Germany. Here you can choose between more than 700 different videos. You are divided into levels of difficulty and yoga styles. The advantage of this app is that you can easily save all your favorite tutorials. So it is still possible for you to do yoga anytime and anywhere.

Yoga Vidya

This yoga app combines a variety of yoga exercises, and here you can also get tips on how to meditate. If you want to acquire even more knowledge about yoga, Yoga Vidya is perfect because a yoga lexicon is integrated here.

Yoga For Beginners: The Right Equipment

You should not save with accessories because, with lousy yoga mats, there is an increased risk of injury associated. So if you had the idea to use a towel to start with, leave it alone. The surface determines how much you slip during your yoga exercises. Some materials naturally have a rough surface, such as jute. However, if your knees are a little too uncomfortable for you, it is better to use natural rubber, cork, or plastic.

You can choose between plastic and cotton mats. If you choose the plastic PVC variant, please ensure that it does not contain any plasticizers or harmful dyes. Non- slip yoga mats made from natural materials such as rubber are a good alternative. These variants give you the perfect hold for dynamic yoga exercises. In addition, they are also non-slip on their surface and thus resistant to sweat.

It is essential when it comes to yoga exercises that require you to be on your knees longer. Mats up to four millimeters are sufficient for good upholstery. If you are even more sensitive, then use yoga mats with a cushioning of eight millimeters.

Tip: Clean your yoga mat regularly because only then is it always slip-resistant.


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