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Bad Skin In Autumn: What Causes It And What Helps Against It

Do you struggle with pale and irritated skin in the fall? We reveal tips on how to get a grip on blemished skin.

Autumn is finally here! With its intense colors and wonderfully warm sunshine during the day, it sweetens the time up to winter. And for these reasons, too, we are happy about the colorful season.

But this time is pure stress for the skin. Many women complain of blemished skin, pimples, itchy and flaky skin, especially autumn. The reasons for this are numerous:

Missing Sun

Even those who pay careful attention to good sun protection have a minimally tanned complexion in summer. As a result, the skin always looks fresher and healthier. The sun also has a direct effect on the skin’s sebum production. It is significantly reduced in summer. In addition, the epidermis thickens, making it harder for pimples to break out.

In autumn, sebum production starts up again. However, the epidermis is still thickened, so it gathers underneath. The result is inevitably pimples.

Thicker Clothing

Since it is often freezing on autumn evenings and in the morning, we wear more clothes in autumn. Bacteria can collect more easily underneath and cause inflammation. The result is reddened areas or pimples.

Temperature Fluctuations

The strongly changing temperatures throughout the day ensure that the blood vessels do the hard work in autumn. Especially when it is cold, they constrict and thus ensure that the blood circulation becomes significantly worse. The skin looks pale and is often irritated and flaky by the sometimes icy wind.

This Helps Against Blemished Skin In Autumn

But if you have bad skin in the fall, you don’t have to worry about it. You can shine with beautiful and pure skin even in autumn if you follow a few tricks. These tips will help:

Less Is More

The first reaction when skin deteriorates is often increased hygiene. But this can also damage the skin because you can attack or even destroy the sensitive protective layer with too many products. Usually, water from the tap is enough to clean the skin. Make-up can be removed with gentle cleansing milk.

Dab, Instead Of Scratching

It would help if you also were gentle with the skin after cleansing. Instead of rubbing it off with a rough towel, it’s best to dab it gently.

No Experiments

If the skin gets worse, you should avoid trying new skincare products at all costs to cope with the problems. This may only irritate the skin even more. If you have not had any problems with your cream so far, you should continue to use it.

Donate Moisture

The skin is severely stressed by dry heating air. It is, therefore, essential now to provide them with sufficient moisture—shower oils with jojoba oil or urea work particularly well.

It is essential to start care early enough. Inflammation can quickly develop because the skin has cracked or cracked due to the cold wind alternating with warm sun rays. Therefore, the earlier you start with the care, the easier it is for your skin to look fresh and healthy, even in autumn.


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