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Is Green Tea Healthy? Worth Knowing About The Effect

Along with black tea, green tea is the most critical type of tea traditionally made from the Asian tea plant. Even if the tart to bitter taste does not inspire all tea lovers after a short brewing time, tea with its bitter ingredients is said to have a healing effect in many ways. In the following, you will find out how healthy the tea is and what effect green tea has when consumed regularly.

What Is The Difference Between Green Tea And Other Types Of Tea?

Many herbal and fruit teas that are popular in Germany and Europe are only considered tea-like products. Natural tea is obtained from the tea plant and has been enjoyed for thousands of years, especially in Far Asia. After the tea plant has been harvested, the tea leaves can be fermented or used directly to prepare tea. In the fermented version, you enjoy the infusion drink as black tea. In the pure form, you pour green tea.

Which Ingredients Give Green Tea Its Effect?

Fermenting the tea leaves ensures their oxidation, which is why green tea is considered unoxidized tea. In this state, many natural polyphenols remain, which are among the essential antioxidants. These can be found in many natural foods and help free radicals and other harmful substances in the human organism render harmless. This effect makes green tea a little miracle weapon that you can use to help your body detoxify and strengthen on many levels.

Another essential ingredient is the catechins. Together with other bitter substances, these make up a third of the dry mass of harvested leaves of the tea plant. In other foods, bitter substances and catechins are essential components of the diet to relieve the gastrointestinal system and digest sugar and other carbohydrates more quickly. This makes green tea interesting for boosting the fat metabolism, just as it is for tea lovers with a high risk of diabetes.

Effects Of Green Tea – Therefore, It Is Considered Particularly Healthy

Over the years and decades, studies have emerged that suggest a positive effect of green tea on gastrointestinal diseases, a reduction in cancer risk, and a good influence on sugar metabolism. These study results have not yet been conclusively clarified in science and medicine, but green tea is more healthy than harmful when adequately prepared.

If you drink green tea for breakfast or as a hot drink at the end of the day in this country, you will think less about your risk of cancer or your sugar balance. Still, there are health areas that make green tea healthy and famous.

For example, it is a popular drink to help you lose weight actively. Like other types of tea or coffee, green tea has no calories, and it is uncommon for tea to be sweetened.

Other studies confirm the direct influence of green tea on the adenosine balance in the human body. This neurotransmitter builds up gradually over the day and makes people feel more tired. Ingredients in green tea block the receptors for adenosine, so the tea drinker feels awake and energetic for longer. No wonder green tea is just as popular as black tea or coffee at the start of the day.

Green Tea And Its Effects During Pregnancy

For many connoisseurs, green tea is healthy and an indispensable daily drink. If other studies are to be believed, the tea is not entirely risk-free. The most important thing here is the amount of consumption.

In earlier decades, the consumption of green tea during pregnancy was not recommended so that the expectant mother would not affect her body’s folic acid level. One study found a link between excessive green tea consumption and the risk of the baby’s healthy growth in the womb.

As with most studies on green tea and its effects, the data are thin. Further research is essential here in the future. In principle, however, green tea is safe during pregnancy, and with its antioxidants, it can even help the mother get through the pregnancy more powerful and healthier. An essential warning during pregnancy applies as with coffee or other types of tea due to the caffeine or tea content it contains. A maximum of 200 milligrams of this should be consumed per day.

It All Depends On The Proper Preparation Of The Tea

Proper preparation is essential for green tea to have its effect and for the properties that are considered healthy to be shown to their best advantage. To avoid the most serious mistakes and to fully enjoy green tea regardless of the type and the desired effect, stick to these tips and hints :

  • The dosage depends on the kind of tea. One teaspoon per cup is a good guideline.
  • Use not bubbly hot water; the ideal temperature is 80 ° C.
  • One to two minutes is sufficient for the steeping time.
  • A second infusion with more scalding water is possible, but for a maximum of one minute.
  • With more than one infusion, the tea leaves should not dry out in the meantime.

Green Tea & Effects: The Research Continues

As with many natural products, the health benefits of green tea are constantly under discussion. Even if the ingredients of many types of green tea have been thoroughly analyzed and numerous studies have been carried out, there is no guarantee that green tea is 100% healthy for any of the areas mentioned. However, when you enjoy your tea with the correct preparation, you will see for yourself how good the tea will do you and perhaps help you start the day energetically or help you lose weight.


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