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Lose Weight Without Going To Hunger: Eat Healthy

Diets cannot be followed all life long. They are strict regimes and not suitable for our organism, which goes crazy and suffers. They also make you go hungry, and starving is not the solution because it makes us feel a lousy mood and frustrates us . we are inevitably happier with a full stomach and metabolism in order. So what do you do? The key is to take care of ourselves, eat healthily, and always choose the most natural and least calorie option.

Suppose you want to lose weight permanently and eliminate the yo-yo effect from your life. In that case, the best thing is to stop thinking about miracle diets (those in which you only eat broth) and change your eating habits to eat healthy every day. You won’t live with the frustration of not being able to go out for dinner. For this, you will need to change your mindset because there are things we like to eat (and drink) that contain a lot of fat, for this you will have to replace them: it all takes effort!

Learn To Eat

You have to eat everything, foods that adapt to your lifestyle, and energy consumption: the more you do sports, the more foods your body will ask for; daily physical activity is your best ally.

Eat Calmly

Did you know that the body needs between 15 and 30 minutes to assimilate the feeling of satiety? This is why we get carried away by hunger. We end up overeating. If it is difficult for you to control yourself, do something while you eat, such as watching television, talking, etc. And stop eating when you start feeling full! Nothing happens if you ask for the doggy bag or if you store the leftovers in a Tupper for dinner.

Do Not Skip Meals And Respect The Timetables

Eating 5 to 6 times in small quantities is good. It promotes the assimilation of food and good digestion.

Homemade Is Better

you already know that both the ready-made foods and the smoothies and fruit juices you buy contain more preservatives and calories than you can make yourself at home with freshly bought foods at the market. Try to eat more at home or prepare meals and carry them around instead of buying something last minute when you get hungry.

Healthy Cooking

boiled, roasted, grilled, or steamed. And be careful with the salt. It is better if you use herbs and spices. Ah, drain the oil when you open cans of tuna, salmon, or sardines.

“I Love You, Toast!” 

you don’t have to eliminate bread from your breakfast (or from your life) if you like toast. Just check the amount of bread and with which you eat it. Chocolate and butter or cream cheese are very caloric. Instead, choose :

  1. Fresh tomato and oil
  2. Fresh cheese and turkey
  3. Sugar-free jam

Don’t Give Up On Coffee

You can drink an espresso or a latte with skim milk. And if there is a time of day when you can have a cappuccino with skim milk, it’s breakfast!

Fresh Lemonade

reduce your alcohol consumption, and now that summer comes, replace the beers and red wine for cider (which is more digestive and less caloric) or for fresh lemonades, which are delicious and not fattening at all. Cold teas are also a good alternative.

Be Careful With Cereals

especially if they are sweetened. Avoid them and go for oatmeal with fruit for breakfast or snacks. Measure the quantity well because they are very filling: for breakfast, you can use a medium-sized bowl, while for a snack, a cup will be enough.

Yes, To Yogurt, Smoothies, And Fresh Juices

mid-morning or mid-afternoon to satisfy hunger. But pay attention to the “fresh”: if you make it at home or ask for it locally and they do it with fresh fruit, it is perfect; they are not industrial or add sugar!

No To Packaged Biscuits And Sweets, Systematically

This doesn’t mean you can’t have breakfast with a chocolate fan from time to time, for example.

Meat And Vegetables

Eat grilled or baked meat with vegetables or salad. You will digest it better and be lighter. Choose the cleanest cut of beef and pork, such as tenderloin and sirloin; chicken and turkey breast or fillet, and if you want to make yourself a chicken in the oven, cook it skinless.

Other Ways

  1. As for fish, whatever you choose will positively affect your health, but: nothing, absolutely no sauces. Neither mayonnaise, nor aioli, nor anything else. Not even in salads, always use a dressing of vinegar and oil combined with fresh tomatoes, some dried fruit, or red fruits, for example.
  2. Less pasta and more rice, as a garnish or main course. It is very healthy if you cook it without fat, mainly because it makes you complete.
  3. Eat fruit, in salads, or as a snack, but when you take a juice, remember that vegetable juices contain half the calories as fruit ones because they don’t have as much sugar: what do you think about mixing fruit and vegetables?
  4. No fast food. If you want to eat a pizza or a hamburger (or a burrito, flatbread, etc.), better make it at home in the light version.
  5. When you go out for dinner or out to eat, make it a habit to choose the healthiest option:
  6. Choose a quinoa salad or brown rice with vegetables compared to pasta or risotto.
  7. Compared to a fillet cooked with gorgonzola sauce, choose a steak tartare or a grilled fillet of beef.
  8. Compared to baked cod au gratin or fried cod, ask for a tuna tataki or grilled octopus.
  9. If you want a dessert, the best thing would be not to even look at them, asking for a sorbet (because you don’t want to cry while the others are eating a cake).
  10. Coffee, espresso, clear, without chocolates, creams, or foams


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